Saluton Mondo, parolas Tomaso!

Just a quick post to let people know that the blog is up and running.

This is the place to be if you are learning Esperanto.

More info (and actual posts) will be coming soon. In the meanwhile, check out Tomaso on Esperanto Variety Show (on YouTube) and I’ve already started sending out tips and updates on my newsletter. Please subscribe to the newsletter if you would like updates to help you learn Esperanto.

Drawing on 25 years as a fluent speaker and on over 30,000 Duolingo comments to help other learners just like you, the “Learn Esperanto with Tomaso” blog is here to provide you the information you need to be the best Esperanto speaker you can be.


  1. Tiu ĉi blogo estas bona ŝanco por ĉiuj novaj lernantoj por fari demandojn pri konfuzaj aferoj. La informo estas tre interesa.

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